‘Lil Bit of Mercy’ started after a challenge was issued: How do you affect your community for Christ? After some brainstorming, Carol thought of drinks for the homeless. Eager and willing, Ali jumped on board and soon the two were taking hot chocolate and coffee in an old Radio Flyer wagon to downtown Kalamazoo, serving the homeless waiting outside of the Ministry for Community building. As the seasons changed, so did the drinks to cold lemonade and sweet iced tea. Add some snacks and Bibles to the mix and Lil Bit of Mercy was born.
It has brought us closer to a population who I would not have much contact with otherwise. It has given me a reality check and helped me learn to love more.“- Carol
Lil Bit of Mercy runs on what God provides. They ask mostly for prayers that the seeds planted downtown will grow and thrive and that the more people experience God’s love, the more they will share His love with others. They also accept donations in bulk portions of coffee, hot chocolate mix, lemonade and ice tea mix, sugar packets, creamer packets, stirrers, and snacks like Little Debbies or Teddy Grahams. Any little bit helps.

God has not only used this small ministry to reach the homeless community, but to also open our eyes to his power and compassion with the people here and in our own lives.” -Ali


It’s not much, just a little bit of mercy.

Ministry with Community